A Biblically-based, quarterly digital publication for those

wanting to be more prepared and live more sustainably.

$5 per quarterly issue or $20 yearly

When the inevitable hits, no matter how prepared we may be, sometimes all we have left is Faith. It is YHWH who sustains us and what our Creator provides is always sufficient.

  • Homestead living inside and out and education for young and old.

  • Politics from grass roots and big picture perspectives.

  • Tin Hat Topics - fun tidbits from archeology or myths and legends.

A majority of homesteading resources put out today are by city girls moving to the country in an area of the US that gets ample rain. They tend to have 5-15 acres within an hour of a fairly major city.

If this is you, I'm super proud you've taken the leap! Maybe you have found the pond chosen is dry and crusty. You have jumped in head first, investing all you have and ended up overwhelmed and frustrated.

Truly Bible-based magazines are hard to find.

$5 per quarterly issue or $20 yearly

There are plenty of:

  • Evolution based

  • Political based

  • Tree-hugging

publications out there.

Even the “Christians” tend to overlook a lot of the Faith factor.

The struggle is as real as the thorns and storms that try us. Without keeping this in constant perspective, it's too easy to get off balance, discouraged and overwhelmed.

Faith is of utmost importance in all things.

We are so excited for you to join this journey with us!

The Prairie Dust Trail magazine is delivered quarterly as a pdf download via email subscription.

"Dawnita, I loved the first edition of the Magazine and can't wait for the next one. Thank you for listening to God's prompting."

~ Myrna Buckles, Nicaragua

"Thank you so much for your email with the magazine attachment. I found this addition very interesting and really like the articles you covered a lot of information that I find very useful for myself. Also the layout really flows... Thanks for the education. Great job and I can't wait to see what you have planned for the 2nd edition."

~ Kellie Dorion, Canada

“Dawnita Fogleman award-winning reporter for the Woodward News has worked her tail off putting this great affordable online Christian homesteading magazine together full of timely tips and information. I am excited to be a contributor. Don’t miss a publication!”

~ Andrea Hutchison, Chain Ranch

If you homestead or are just looking to be more prepared for the inevitable storms, this is a magazine for you.

Dawnita weaves a beautiful tapestry of faith, practical knowledge and inspiring prose along with her carefully selected contributors.

​ ~ Jennifer Elia, Secret to Visibility Online

$5 per quarterly issue or $20 yearly