Dealing with Disaster

More than just an Emergency Plan

Do you ever wonder how to be prepared when you have circumstances beyond your control to deal with and plan around? This resource will help!

More than just an emergency plan, this pdf printable download and follow up video will help you through the process, recovery and rebuild when that inevitable disaster hits.

After you get your free printable download, you will get occasional exclusive updates, tips, and inspiration to help you live a more prepared and sustainable life with Biblical principles.

The newsletter will cover things like:

  • Growing your own food 🌱

  • Sewing your own clothes 🧵

  • Teaching your own children 📚

Homestead living from the inside and out, that’s inside your home and mindset, to the outside in living your best life and building the infrastructure for a successful homestead.

Politics and Current Events from grassroots and big picture perspective, the whole world throughout history through a Biblical lens.

Tin Hat Topics - fun tidbits from archeology, myths, and legends. And looking beneath the surface of what’s going on in the world today.

"Dawnita is a wealth of information and so supportive. I have been working through her homesteading program and one-on-one coaching to get my own homestead up and running. I can't tell you how invaluable it has been.

You can read all the books on homesteading you want, but until you actually live it, you have no idea what you are doing. That is why Dawnita and the Prairie Dust team are so helpful because they know exactly what is needed from a lifetime of experience."

~ Jennifer Elia, Digital Marketing Strategist and Mentor 

"Dawnita is a breath of fresh air and simplicity. Her passion for the simple, traditional lifestyle is contagious. She truly embraces her passion and shares willingly with all who want to learn the lifestyle."

~ Danielle Tate,

"Dawnita's passion for simple living is palpable and her vision to make it possible for more people to live more fulfilled in simpler, back-to-basics ways is refreshing. She is a joy to work with and an inspiration to all who have the privilege of her influence."

~ Katie Hornor,

Join me as we navigate real life on the prairie and:

  • Embrace simplicity through old-fashioned, Faith-based

    pioneer skills.

  • Learn resilience and consistency in homesteading, homemaking & homeschooling.

  • Apply common sense ways to repurpose and reuse items from the kitchen sink to the back pasture.

The legacy of the Great Plains is passed down the generations through family traditions and local activities. The historical significance, along with the realities of Life on the Prairie carry a message of simplified living that can be applied anywhere. Panhandle Pioneers have braved Dust Storms, Tornadoes, Wildfires and more. Whatever you are facing, God is there and His Word can help you thrive.

YOU can weather the Dust Storms of life with God's Divine help!